The Journal of Euromarketing Is An Official Journal of the International Management Development Association

The Journal of Euromarketing has had a proud history and over the last nearly two decades, and  the journal has grown immensely and established itself  as a premier publication outlet in international/global  marketing with a special focus on enlarged Europe as well as the emerging trading relationship between European countries and other regions and countries of the world. As such, the Journal of Euromarketing strives to meet the needs of academicians, practitioners, and public policy makers by increasing the understanding of not only the strategic  planning aspects  pertinent to marketing in Europe but also the marketing aspects of the trading relationship between European and foreign firms. The journal attaches a particular importance to cross-national/cultural marketing issues from a European perspective at both micro (company/industry) and macro (country/region) levels. Manuscript submissions on comparative perspectives are also strongly encouraged. Within this general framework, the interfaces as well as interrelationships prevalent among European industry-government-academia triangle are explored conceptually, analytically and empirically.  
I encourage you to strongly consider the submission of your manuscripts to Journal of Euromarketing for review. I can assure you that your manuscripts will be subjected to a speedy review process and a publication decision will be made within six to eight weeks and in some cases sooner. Your technology and e-commerce related short articles and opinion pieces may be submitted to Dr. Kip Becker of Boston University (kbecker@bu.edu).  We also have a Book Review section edited by Ali Kara, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University at York, (axk19@psu.edu). We are always looking for good quality book reviews, most importantly on European marketing practices.  
Erdener Kaynak, Editor - in- Chief